Are You More American Than Christian?

Source: Are You More American Than Christian? Powerful thoughts and words.  I’ve realized over the years that the pursuit of more, more, more wasn’t what I wanted. More than anything else in this world, I love Jesus and people and want to help lift the burden of others. I’m a Christian first. I’m also aContinue reading “Are You More American Than Christian?”

The Rest of the Day in London! (May 27th writing–never published)

I wrote this on May 27th while we were in London, but never published it. So much happened today! We were supposed to start a day tour of London today at 8:15. Well! Because Parliament was opening today and the Queen was speaking there (this is the normal and usual way they do it), trafficContinue reading “The Rest of the Day in London! (May 27th writing–never published)”