West Texas Twang/NaPoWriMo Day 18

Doris Elaine Wood! Where in the world are you? It’s gettin’ dark out there and supper’s ready! I’m comin’, I’m comin’ Mother! I was down the street at Sonya’s. When I call you to supper, I better not have to call you again! What were y’all doin’ anyway? We were just watchin’ the sun set.Continue reading “West Texas Twang/NaPoWriMo Day 18”

Living In A Castle/NaPoWriMo Day 16

The castle walls are cold, even though it is fairly hot And humid outside. I’m dressed in four layers from the inside out, and still my fingers have grown stiff from writing for so long. I uncurl my fingers from around the quill I’m holding, applying a sprinkle of sand over my writing to blotContinue reading “Living In A Castle/NaPoWriMo Day 16”

Sunday Dinners

I found a recipe making the rounds on Facebook for Southern Banana Pudding and suddenly I was back in the kitchen of my childhood on a Sunday morning after church making banana pudding as Mother instructed me on how to make it. Sunday dinners (which in the South means the noon meal) were the biggestContinue reading “Sunday Dinners”

Watching Cars and Stars

Sitting on the front porch with Daddy in the summer twilight, was always one of my favorite times. He’d smoke a couple of unfiltered Camel cigarettes and I would watch in fascination as the blue smoke curled its way upward into the almost twinkly sky. We lived on the corner of a street where carsContinue reading “Watching Cars and Stars”

Come on Baby! Let’s Get Started!

My daughter-in-law is in the last days of her pregnancy. As we all wait with excited anticipation for the birth of her and my eldest son’s first baby, I have been drawn back in time to remembering those last days of my pregnancy with my son. As any woman who has been in those lastContinue reading “Come on Baby! Let’s Get Started!”

The Tradition of the Christmas Amaryllis

When I started working on the main campus at Texas Tech, my boss’ wife, Willie Haragan, would give all of us in the office an amaryllis bulb to grow for Christmas. I had never seen one before and quickly fell in love with the tradition. The boys and I especially enjoyed watching the magic ofContinue reading “The Tradition of the Christmas Amaryllis”