If I Could Teach the World to Sing…

Wow! Sometimes I love the internet and sharing things with people around the world. I shared some of my Ireland pictures on my jigsaw puzzle app and got best picture 2 weeks in a row. I didn’t even realize it until later. Then today I suddenly realized I had 247 comments on the same puzzleContinue reading “If I Could Teach the World to Sing…”

Quadrille #15 for dVerse Poets – A Son Leaves

We are laughing, in the last moments together before you begin your new life, in a new city. You are taking part of me with you. At the door, you grab me into a fierce hug, then you say goodbye, and leave. I cry. © D. Elaine Wood-Lane 8/30/16 Here’s how to Q44 with usContinue reading “Quadrille #15 for dVerse Poets – A Son Leaves”

Haibun Monday: A Little Romance

I missed one day of work due to my little sons catching a bug at school and when I came back to work, I felt like I had mistakenly walked onto the set of the old Dating Game show. Just one day! I learned that three graduate students had been sent over to our clinicContinue reading “Haibun Monday: A Little Romance”

Walking Through Life

I walk through life, wandering, wondering, what really matters, what makes life sacred and why are so many people angry and alone? We all want and need to be understood, to be seen, to be accepted. What if… instead of seeking to be understood, seen, and accepted, We instead choose… to understand, see, and acceptContinue reading “Walking Through Life”

Mistakes, I’ve Made A Few

Uptight, skinny white girl, just 23 years old, I thought I had it all figured out, and told my co-worker so. “I’d never do that, or that, and heaven knows, never that!” I said, with a self-righteous look, and right then, I think, my path was set to run, not straight, but with many bendsContinue reading “Mistakes, I’ve Made A Few”

Days and Stitches

Stitch by stitch, colors coming together in a mosaic of beautiful tints, a new row for each day. This time the days are tinted as temperatures and skies. One year, each day would have been all hot yellows, oranges and reds. Even the cool days that year were filled with the heat and longing ofContinue reading “Days and Stitches”