The Beauty of a Clock

A friend of mine on Facebook today mentioned an analog clock he and his wife have in a bathroom in their home. He mentioned how he could read it from the shower via a mirror.  My mind, as usual, went down a rabbit hole and suddenly I remembered hearing recently that many children and adultsContinue reading “The Beauty of a Clock”

Waiting on Baby, dVerse Haibun #29

I wake up slowly and the first thing that pops into my head is that I’m not only still pregnant, but I’ve seemingly grown larger overnight. As I try to extricate myself from the waterbed so I can go to the restroom, I find myself wailing, “I’m as big as a house and still noContinue reading “Waiting on Baby, dVerse Haibun #29”

From This Moment On-A Beautiful Tapestry of Life

From this moment on, Life will never be the same. Broken hearts still beat. Beauty still exists. God is still love. All weave a tapestry of a beautiful life. D. Elaine Wood-Lane 12/8/16 30 years ago on December 24, 1986 I lost the second of two my two brothers. It had been a really roughContinue reading “From This Moment On-A Beautiful Tapestry of Life”

Quadrille #15 for dVerse Poets – A Son Leaves

We are laughing, in the last moments together before you begin your new life, in a new city. You are taking part of me with you. At the door, you grab me into a fierce hug, then you say goodbye, and leave. I cry. © D. Elaine Wood-Lane 8/30/16 Here’s how to Q44 with usContinue reading “Quadrille #15 for dVerse Poets – A Son Leaves”

Memories Never Forgotten, An Etheree Poem

I saw this idea/suggestion on the dVerse blog yesterday and it completely intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a go. Also, today is my oldest son’s birthday so in light of that, I thought I’d attempt an Etheree style poem about the day he was born. We had been laboring for hours, youContinue reading “Memories Never Forgotten, An Etheree Poem”

Portrait of a Family/NaPoWriMo Day 2

The portrait of my family isn’t just one single moment in time caught on film or microchip. It is a myriad of moments and people extending in both directions in time from this moment. Every generation adds something essential and significant to the family portrait: Strength, courage, tradition, love, humor, faith, funny noses, great smiles,Continue reading “Portrait of a Family/NaPoWriMo Day 2”

Autumn Has Arrived!!

Autumn has arrived in beautiful Colorado as well as the northern hemisphere and it is just gorgeous this year!  Autumn is my favorite season, I must admit.  I love the colors, I love the temperatures cooling down, I love the way the light slants across the sky in a softer manner that seems to makeContinue reading “Autumn Has Arrived!!”

De Ja Vu’ All Over Again

I feel very de ja vu’ this morning. I woke up briefly before Alan went to work and I guess I had coffee and let Missy (our cat) outside, then went back to bed and didn’t wake up until 9:30! As I was making coffee I was trying to remember why it felt like I’dContinue reading “De Ja Vu’ All Over Again”

Sunday Dinners

I found a recipe making the rounds on Facebook for Southern Banana Pudding and suddenly I was back in the kitchen of my childhood on a Sunday morning after church making banana pudding as Mother instructed me on how to make it. Sunday dinners (which in the South means the noon meal) were the biggestContinue reading “Sunday Dinners”