Catching Up With Myself

(I started writing this on March 12.) One thing that many people don’t know or understand about fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome is that often the people diagnosed with the syndrome appear to have normal, even very high activity levels. From the outside, everything seems status quo, even to the person who has fibromyalgia. Often, I’ll findContinue reading “Catching Up With Myself”

Sunshine Soaked Brain

High mountain sunshine, so bright and light this morning, it tempted my winter white skin. There had been too many clouds, too many days, both inside and out. While elsewhere others freeze and gaze at blinding white light, reflecting deep snow, I walked in joy in high mountain sunshine, my dog at my side. ReturningContinue reading “Sunshine Soaked Brain”

Counting Blessings….

Still in pjs and housecoat, Sipping coffee, Listening to iTunes shuffle, opera to the Cranberries, Looking at the family budget, Dog dreaming on my lap, Minor fibromyalgia pain so far, Husband in the home office, Son sleeping downstairs, Healthy grandson, papa and mama In Illinois. Count your many blessings, Name them one by one. LifeContinue reading “Counting Blessings….”

Happier Day Ever After

I awoke all vim and vigor, the day would be full of fun! I’d run away to the mountains, and devil may care I’d be; heck the way I was feeling, I could drive from sea to sea! Alas, a few hours in, before I even started, my vim began to dim, and my vigorContinue reading “Happier Day Ever After”

The Tradition of the Christmas Amaryllis

When I started working on the main campus at Texas Tech, my boss’ wife, Willie Haragan, would give all of us in the office an amaryllis bulb to grow for Christmas. I had never seen one before and quickly fell in love with the tradition. The boys and I especially enjoyed watching the magic ofContinue reading “The Tradition of the Christmas Amaryllis”