Everything changes: people, places, seasons, addresses, and sometimes even names, phone numbers, and hair color! I like change. I like to keep things new, fresh, and exciting. I like to learn, be inspired, grow, and share what I’ve learned and been inspired by so others can maybe learn, be inspired, and grow too. So, I’ve made some changes on my blog to reflect the changes I’ve made overContinue reading “Chaaaaanges!”

Moving Finding Joy Blog Posts to Pocket Full of Words

I’ve been maintaining two blogs, one of them being Pocket Full of Words and the other being Finding Joy.  I’ve discovered that the Finding Joy blog isn’t one I update often and more frequently connect with people in that capacity (inspiration and informal transitional life coaching ministry) on a FB page by the same name.Continue reading “Moving Finding Joy Blog Posts to Pocket Full of Words”

Memories Never Forgotten, An Etheree Poem

I saw this idea/suggestion on the dVerse blog yesterday and it completely intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a go. Also, today is my oldest son’s birthday so in light of that, I thought I’d attempt an Etheree style poem about the day he was born. We had been laboring for hours, youContinue reading “Memories Never Forgotten, An Etheree Poem”

Days and Stitches

Stitch by stitch, colors coming together in a mosaic of beautiful tints, a new row for each day. This time the days are tinted as temperatures and skies. One year, each day would have been all hot yellows, oranges and reds. Even the cool days that year were filled with the heat and longing ofContinue reading “Days and Stitches”